Balloon Care

Caring for your balloons is important as we want you to enjoy them for as long as possible. We use premium balloons only and here are some tips on do’s and dont’s: 

    • Do NOT let the balloons come into contact with sharp or hot objects
    • Do NOT let your pets claw, peck or play with their paws
    • Do NOT leave your balloons unattended outdoors even if they are weighted down as they can fly away. If your balloons were made for outdoors then they would have been created with a heaver weight or we would have agreed with you to tie them against something. 
    • Do NOT bash your balloons even though this seems like fun it can burst the balloon immediately. 
    • Do NOT let the balloons squeeze through car doors 
    • Do NOT drag balloons through tight spaces, please be careful and open any doors that can close easy, This will avoid any damage. 
    • Do NOT let go of single ceiling balloons until you are ready to release them into the area that you will be displaying them in. 
    • Do NOT inhale the helium as this is very harmful.
    • DO keep your balloons at a good room temperature, as balloons react to extreme temperatures. 
    • DO take pictures with them
Delivery Info

Our helium balloons are delivered to you on the agreed booking date. Cost is determined by full address.  

Please note, some delivery addresses in central London may be subject to a Congestion Zone charge.

Deliveries are required to be booked in advanced however if you have any last minute occasions please do call us on (020) 8964 4410 and we will do our best to accommodate your request.  

If you have any other questions regarding delivery please email us on sales@partywishesuk.com


Disposing Balloons

Most of our balloons are biodegradable and therefore we request you to put these into recycling.

How long do balloons last?

Latex balloons can have life extension by having a silicone chemical applied (Hi-Float), this will prolong the float life of the latex balloons up to 3 days. Foil or Mylar balloons are designed to float for many days, however we do say a minimum of 4 days.

How long does it take create my order(in-store)?

The time frame for all of this is dependent on what balloons and styles you are requesting, if you would like one of our 36” personalised bubbles then we need at least 45 minutes subject to no disturbances as we have an open door policy which means that customers are invited to walk in and  order balloons. We do encourage and request customers to order in advance as that provides efficiency and you are then invited to collect your balloons at an agreed time. Balloon arches take a few hours to create, however we are open to trying to accommodate customers needs.

Can you gift wrap my presents?

We offer a fair priced gift wrapping service, again we do need some time to wrap these up, our prices start from £2, we ask you to choose the paper or most people will leave it to us after a short discussion and then charged according to size and wrap used.

Can you set up my venue for me?

We love setting up venues! This is where we love to shine, Customers are invited to come in and talk to us about the vision and we will help you create it.

Latex Balloons

Latex balloons are fun, cheap, and 100% biodegradable! Your balloons can breakdown naturally in sunlight or water and are not related to plastic at ALL. In fact, under the right environmental conditions, latex balloons degrade at the same rate as leaves from an oak tree.

Latex balloons are a plant-based product made from natural rubber. Natural Latex comes from Rubber Tree Plantations which are a renewable resource.

Latex balloons are the golden standard of party balloons. They can be made from rubber, latex, polychloroprene, or nylon fabric. These are elastic and are designed to take up air and expand up to 5x more than its normal size. Regular latex balloons are not to be mistaken with helium latex balloons.

The rubber balloon was invented in 1824 by Professor Michael Faraday, to be used in his hydrogen experiments at the Royal Institution in London. Faraday made them by cutting two sheets of tacky rubber and pressing the edges together to seal them.

The meaning of a balloon – Balloons are  used to convey congratulations and celebration, especially when wishing someone a happy birthday.

What is Oxidation?

Latex balloons can become covered with a velvet finish when atmospheric conditions change, such as high humidity, in high ozone, or when exposed to the sunlight.

The velvet finish is the result of oxidation, this is the fist step of oxidation of the latex. To decrease the possibility of oxidation, cover balloons in a plastic bag, especially if they are exposed for a tenth of time before use.

Considering Temperature & Altitude

Helium inflated balloons are affected by extreme temperatures and high altitudes. The ruck for temperatures is to slightly under inflate balloons when moving them from a cool environment to a warmer one as they helium will expand, and slightly over inflate when moving from a warm environment to a cooler one.

Microfoil Balloons

Microfoil balloons or metallic balloons (Mylar) are made of a thin film of metal over nylon, Metallic balloons are less porous and remain inflated several times longer than latex balloons.

Balloon Releases

Code of Conduct 

  • Only natural latex rubber balloons should be used for releases.
  • All components must be biodegradable
  • Use only helium gas to inflate balloons
  • No ribbons or Strongs are to be attached to the balloons
  • Balloons must always be launched singularly
What are balloon weights made of?

Introducing our heavy balloon weights made out of sand! Say goodbye to old-school plastic weights and opt for a more environmentally conscious option that will keep your balloons grounded in style. Make a statement with our sand balloon weights and show your commitment to the planet while celebrating in style.